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From Phil Berman, 5 Oceans Founder & Lifetime Sailor

Dear Seller,


It is easy to think that the only criterion for the successful sale of your yacht is locating a single buyer.

While 5 Oceans has its roots as a firm that specialized in helping buyers find the perfect match for their needs, it is clear that having buyers is not enough to ensure the successful sale of any given yacht.

Achieving a timely sale requires a special combination of expertise, a multiple-pronged and global marketing effort, and the ability to negotiate at the very highest level.

Finding a Buyer is Only the Start
Many sellers wrongly assume that finding a buyer is the largest part of the job, but it is in fact artfully carrying a sale to completion that takes the greatest experience and skill. In the end, good yacht brokers sell yachts, bad ones do not. Here at 5 Oceans we have the most highly trained, ethical, and well-educated experts in the world managing each and every sale.

The Yacht Matchmakers
In short, 5 Oceans is the industry leader in yacht sales. We are operated by passionate sailors. We have the largest range of brokerage boats for sale globally and the most comprehensive database of information on every boat we sell. And finally, unlike any other company, 5 Oceans represents a nearly equal share of loyal buyers and loyal sellers. In that regard, 5 Oceans is a sort of boat match-maker, striving to bring about happy conclusions for our clients every day.


Phillip Berman, President
5 Oceans Marine Group

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Global Expertise & Integrity

Global Expertise & Integrity


In the end, a serious seller has several options to pick from when he decides to sell his boat. At 5 Oceans, we believe our passion for boats, our strong balance between buyers and sellers, our vast experience, and our reputation for integrity make us the clear and logical choice.

Consider these facts that set us apart from the competition

Global Online Presence

No serious buyer of a yacht will have any problem finding our listings online. They are posted on the most popular yacht search sites in the world, including yachtworld.com, boats.com, and over eight other popular search sites around the globe. It is 5 Ocean's own website, however, that is the real draw to potential buyers. Our site is full of quality information, pictures and videos, and customer friendly information to help sailors. The site does not require registration and as a result is considered the "stickiest" brokerage website in the world - we not only get a lot of visitors, but our visitors spend more time on our site than any other.

Global Print Advertising

Print advertising is costly, but research has shown it works by not only bringing listings to the attention of qualified buyers, but by establishing confidence in 5 Ocean's brand with international buyers and sellers. 5 Ocean runs extensive advertisements in Cruising World, Multihull Quarterly, Latitude 38, 48 North, All At Sea, Multihulls World, Multicoques (French Version) magazines, and Turkish Yachting.

Banking and Escrow Services

To thrive in the international yacht marketplace, where contracts are made in many different currencies, TMC has established multi-currency escrow accounts with Smith Barney and Citibank, leading U.S. financial institutions. This eases the purchasing process for Australians, Euro-zone buyers, British, Canadian and even American buyers along the way. Because 5 Oceans is a large company, well established, licensed and bonded, foreign buyers are comfortable escrowing deposits in our accounts easing the way for a sale that would never occur with a small, unlicensed brokerage company. 5 Oceans also works with a range of lenders that are prepared to lend to qualified buyers in just about any location around the world.

Global Yacht Broker Relationships

Because 5 Oceans sells voyaging yachts, they end up all over the world in ports large and small. What this means practically for a buyer is that 5 Oceans may have a yacht listed for sale in the South Pacific, or in Asia, or Europe at any given time. For this reason, 5 Oceans lists each and every yacht it sells as being "available for co-brokerage" which means that it can be purchased by any buyer who is represented by a professional yacht broker anywhere in the world. At 5 Oceans, we recognize that the most important thing for our clients is that the yacht sells. At 5 Oceans, the brokers are Old School - buying from others, and allowing others to buy from them, is the way to fairly and ethically deal with worldwide deal making.

Global Appraisal Expertise

5 Oceans assists with purchases and sales around the world. That expertise allows us to provide sellers with a very accurate picture of what the market price of their yacht should be in its current condition. That is perhaps the most important thing the brokers do at 5 Oceans. A seller never wants to price his yacht too low, but he does not want to risk overpricing either. The risks of overpricing are real and can be felt in depreciation, dockage and maintenance fees as well as insurance until it sells. At 5 Oceans the peerless advantage the firm has is being able to counsel both buyers and sellers on current market values so they can either make offers with confidence, or accept offers with confidence.

Global Service and Support

At 5 Oceans, the pledge to provide service and support to its clients extends beyond the waters of the United States. 5 Oceans relies on a trusted network of global partners, contacts and associations to serve its client's needs. Whether that means setting up a survey in Fiji, a haul-out in Marmaris, or a yacht inspection by one of its agents in the South of France, 5 Oceans does what is needed to assist buyers and sellers. In addition, 5 Oceans is able to offer a range of storage, haul, docking, and refit services in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

Global Brokers

At the end of the day, success for the seller is all about the broker. There are plenty of examples of large marketing budgets spent in service of failing enterprises. Anyone who has spent time in the yachting industry knows that good brokers sell boats, weak brokers a few, and down from there. A good broker earns the loyalty and respect of both buyers and sellers while a weak broker is simply unable to engender the trust required to bring parties together to close a sale. At 5 Oceans, we have assembled the most highly educated, well trained, ethical and skillful team of yacht brokers in the industry.

Results Are What Matter
  • 5 Oceans has grown market share every year since it first opened its doors in 2000.
  • In the middle of the global recession, 5 Oceans outperformed its competitors – selling yachts in what was – and may yet still be! - easily the worst market in most of our lifetimes. While its competitors shed brokers and costs, 5 Oceans kept focused on the sailor and his or her needs. It invested in the future and did not cut costs or brokers.
  • In each of these difficult economic times globally, 5 Oceans sold tens of millions of dollars worth of boats around the world.
  • The value of the average yacht 5 Oceans sells is $425,000, almost double the value of the yachts sold by its nearest competitor. 5 Oceans sells larger yachts and those of more value than any full-service brokerage firm in the world. This alone makes 5 Oceans the clear choice for those sellers who want to reach a highly educated, sophisticated buyer that can afford to own and invest in voyaging catamarans anywhere in the world.
Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


The TMC team are people who make things happen, and walk on the right side of the road. The real blessings on one's way through life are meeting these kind of people. Thank you.


~ Cid Maestrini, Lagoon 570


Not only was the service rendered by the brokers very professional at all times, we were also pleasantly surprised by their willingness to go the extra mile.


~ Erich Danzfuss, Contour 50
"Cruz Del Sur"

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