San Francisco

San Francisco

5 Oceans California is located in Marin County, near the San Francisco Bay, and managed by Mitchell Berman. Mitchell brings a lifetime of sailing and yacht racing experience to the table. Like his brother, Phillip Berman, owner of 5 Oceans Marine Group, Mitch grew up racing boats in California. For many years Mitch was the top crew for star yacht racer Richard Scott, and managed the massive spinnaker from out on the trapeze. And of course, when the day of boating was over, he would head out and catch some waves.

Mitch remains an avid surfer, plying the coast from Bolinas to Santa Cruz looking for that perfect wave. Mitch is also a master cabinet maker and craftsman and for many years milled the finest teak for yacht decks in Northern California.

Mitch is in charge of new Dolphin Catamaran sales at 5 Oceans California, and serves to assist Matthew Dunning, from our 5 Oceans Northwest office, and his brother, Phillip, with boat and yacht listings in Northern California.

As the world’s largest truly global brokerage company specializing in boats and yachts, 5 Oceans Marine Group is ready to assist you if you wish to buy or sell a boat in the Bay Area, or anywhere on the West Coast of the United States.



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