5 Oceans Marine Group Spain is based in Valencia where Associate Broker Jon Nichols and his wife, Wendy, are pleased to offer his expertise to clients around Europe and the Med.

Jon and Wendy are a team, and as the saying goes, between the two of them they make one fantastic person! Their marriage and life are bound strongly together by an infectious passion for voyaging and racing sailboats of all shapes and colors. They are one Salty couple.

Jon spent his first 23 summers sailing in Ontario, Canada. Messing around in boats with his family he helped look after the various dinghys, skiffs, canoes, launches and especially the motors. He grew to be very handy with tools at a young age. When the family bought a larger boat for exploring the St. Lawrence Jon spent many summers cruising the 1000 Islands of Lake Ontario.

After moving to Britain in 1990 Jon developed an interest in racing and participated in many Cowes Weeks as well as other U.K. regattas. To afford his passion Jon spent most of his corporate life as an expert in cellular phone networks and held many high level positions with Nortel Networks, Openwave and a number of other .coms before launching his own software sales company.

After leaving the corporate rat race to focus on their sailing adventures Jon and Wendy moved to the Valencia region in Spain in 2004 where they have cruised the coast of the Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands. He and Wendy have also spent many summers in the United States, near Cape Cod, refitting their wooden 1955 40 foot Rhodes R27 named ADVENTURESS . Always a sucker for punishment, Jon knows his way around wooden boats, holding tanks, thru-hulls, and electrical clusters and brings his vast experience as a seaman and refit expert to his work at 5 Oceans Marine Group and 5 Oceans Marine Group.

Together with Gracie (their reluctant Jack Russell crew mate) Jon and Wendy have raced ADVENTURESS in the Panerai circuit in New England. ADVENTURESS is now in Spain near their home where they enjoy exploring the Spanish islands and coast and race her in the European Panerai classics circuit.

Wendy grew up racing dinghy’s on ponds and lakes in the north of England while spending summers cruising the British Isles on her family’s sailboat. Whilst at University she developed her love of offshore sailing on the South Coast of England, Northern France and Ireland. She has competed at many Cowes Weeks, Cork Week as well the Fastnet and numerous RORC and Jog races across the English Channel. Wendy and Jon spent 10 years cruising the Balearic Islands and the coast of the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Suffice it to say, Jon and Wendy are serious sailors and deeply intelligent professionals who bring a wealth of experience to yacht brokering.



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