Jason DeShay

Jason DeShay

Associate Broker

Jason DeShay has been working for 15 years in the yachting industry as a Captain, broker, engineer, new build skipper and refit project manager. Hailing from the US East coast and the son a Navy veteran Jason was on the water from a very young age. Working with his father he started building and working on boats at age 10. As part of commercial fishing family he grew up at sea and since then has spent most of his life as a sailor and mariner. Working in the Caribbean, US East coast and Central America for 12 years as a yacht skipper on various boats both in charter and privately he then moved on to building carbon fiber boats in China as well as pioneering boat design and construction in the jungles of Northern Laos on the Mekong river. 

Captain Jason has worked around the globe acquiring experience in almost every aspect of the yachting industry. He now utilizes that experience to be part of the 5 Oceans team in SE Asia. Based in Phuket Thailand he most recently he spent one year in China building the first ever hybrid powered Gunboat 60 yacht and made delivery to the US. As a long term live aboard sailor and yachting professional he has intimate knowledge of high performance and cruising yachts to utilize in today’s boat marketplace to the benefit of buyers and sellers alike.

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