April 18, 2018

Historical wise, I’ve known 5 Oceans Marine Group for some time now. I sold my previous cat, a Catana 471 through the company. Years later, I was searching a catamaran again. I looked around, and among other companies came back to the Multihull Company. I got back in contact with Alexis. It was the start of several visits of boats (I believe 3 in the States). My contacts with Alexis were always great. I guess the fact that he loves boats, we are of the same age and could speak French together 😉 helped. But truly I like the guy as he was honest. if a boat was a bad buy, because for example it was not well maintained, he would tell me. In some cases he had to calm me down or on the contrary to shake me up. He always did that in a friendly but firm way, which I appreciate. If I would look for a another boat, he would be the first person I would contact. I bought the Catana 581 through 5 Oceans, and later when I knew I would sell it, Alexis and 5 Oceans Company were my first and only choice!

I’ve also met Phil when I was looking to buy the 581. The contacts there nice as well. He helped my out quite well when I bought materials and needed a delivery address. So, all the contacts I had with the 5 Oceans Marine Group were very positive!

Was it stressful to sell my boat through ‘you’? The answer is definitively NO. It was good to have Alexis being the “buffer”, or I would have let the possible deal go… (and I do believe Alexis had a hard time with this sell, although he did his uttermost best to keep relatively calm).

Would I recommend 5 Oceans Marine Group to others ?”, the answer is YES. I sold 2 boats through 5 Oceans, visited at least 3 other ones and bought one, so I think I might have an idea of how this company works. I’ve personally met Alexis and Phil and had several e-mail contacts with Sales Manager, Andrew Holland, who took good care of the closing and financial process when the time came.