September 6, 2017

I want to tell you about the positive experience that I had doing business with 5 Oceans Marine Group.

For background, Sandy, my wife, and I live in Hawaii. We began our search for a catamaran on line, with for sale by owner boats. Both of the prospective boats we lined up, one in Guatemala and another in St. Lucia. Our one day layover in Miami grew into a ten day stay in Miami one was taken off the market and the other failed it’s survey.

We saw where Multihull Company had a listing that peaked our interest so we called Alexis. He was in St. Maartin and was not sure if he could be back in Florida to meet with us, so he assigned Jeff Jones to help us. What a stroke of luck. Jeff worked very long and hard for us, and we looked at several boats and made an offer on a boat.

Once back in Hawaii we received the survey report that was a failing grade. Disappointed, but not deterred, we asked Jeff to continue the search since he knew what we were looking for. That led to a long distance completed boat deal.

This long distance process went very well because of Jeff and the procedures you have established as a business model. We have so much praise for you, your company and Jeff.

Not only have we gotten a boat, but I believe a friend in Jeff.

Jim and Sandy Anderson