September 6, 2017

My first contact with Phillip Berman and the Multihull Company was in May 2002, when I asked for information on one of the catamarans that they were listing on the web. Other contacts followed, because it seemed that when I came across an interesting cat, behind her there was always 5 Oceans Marine Group. I was looking for a fast catamaran for world cruising, it was the first multihull for me, but I came to this decision after loving fast monohulls and still owning an open 50. I don’t like sailing competitions, but I love to have boats with pace. Now I wanted also more comfort and safety, that is to say – a cat.

I did not really think that I needed any dedicated advisor like Phillip Berman, I have always relied on myself, always been self-employed. I have founded, owned and managed a sizable hi-tech company in Italy, I was at ease dealing with top managers, lawyers and big corporations around the world. On the Internet I can find all the information that I need on boats for sale. I have good technical knowledge of boat design, so I did not see the advantage of having someone represent me as a buyer’s broker. If it was a matter to sell my boat, sure I needed a broker – and surely he works better with an exclusive. But in order to buy… and then was this Phillip Berman the right person? I was not yet so sure I needed him.

At that moment, even before my formal commitment to work with him, Phillip Berman called me. “A boat that is perfect for you”. We discussed at length the pros and cons of the boat and since it did seem to fit all my dreams he advised me to act as soon as possible. So I did, and after two days I gave him my offer, after that a counter offer was accepted. Following Phil’s guide, I wired the deposit and flew from Italy to the US for a personal inspection and survey. The boat was even better than Phillip had described, making the final decision a “no-brainer”.

Since I came from Italy, I prolonged my stay in Philadelphia to arrange things for boat ownership. Being a European, I knew nothing of US laws and the tax system and I found of invaluable importance the help that the team of 5 Oceans Marine Group – Marilynn, John, and Dennis – gave to me to gather information and arrange things in only two days. They helped me with – and in most cases did for me – everything, from choosing the flag to founding a US company, from finding a US bank to an insurance company, from documenting the boat with the USCG to arranging for winterization. Finally, Phillip also found for me a project leader for the refit and upgrade I want to do. In just one week and a single trip to the US everything was done.

I must heartily thank Phillip, all the team of the Multihull Company and in particular Marilynn for what they did for me. I will have no doubt next time to choose them as my exclusive buyer’s broker when the moment will come to choose another boat – but I am afraid for them that this will not happen before many years, because it is difficult for me to dream a better boat.

I can honestly say that 5 Oceans Marine Group really made it easy for me to achieve my goal and in doing so saved a lot of my money!
Aldo Pigni
Wormwood 55