September 6, 2017

I grew up in Barbados and have been racing and sailing catamarans since I was very young. Today I operate two successful day charter catamarans on Barbados, “WHY NOT”, and “WASN’T ME.”

I wake up every day and sail. Before I met Phillip Berman of 5 Oceans Marine Group I thought I knew more about catamarans than anybody on earth. When it came time to buy a new catamaran for our business I really thought I could, “Do it myself on the internet.” Truth is, I could have – but I would never have gotten as good a catamaran if I hadn’t contacted 5 Oceans Marine Group and asked Phillip to represent us as our buyer broker. On my own, I easily could have made a serious mistake.

Phillip’s knowledge of catamarans is unbelievable. He has visited nearly every catamaran factory in the world, sailed about every design on every ocean, and has been at hundreds of catamaran surveys. He is not only a World Champion catamaran racer, but a sort of “super agent” for catamarans. His contacts in the industry are second to none. You simply cannot believe how much time he can save you from looking at the wrong boats, or buy finding for you, from his amazing network, the right boats to consider.

Phillip not only found our new catamaran for us, he got her for a fantastic price and managed to get her delivered to Barbados from the North East Coast of the U.S. in January. The day the crew left the entire boat was covered in ice! But Phillip was there with them, readying the boat for me, and making the arrangements. He didn’t have to do this. It wasn’t part of the contract.

I can tell you that this is a man of his word who cares passionately about his clients.
I would never consider buying or selling a catamaran with anyone else.

Captain Ron Williams, Barbados
P.S. If you’re ever in Barbados, come sailing with us! Visit our website: “Wasn’t Me”
Ron Williams
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