September 6, 2017

Owner’s comments regarding Dolphin 460 #4 “Rhythm”
Prepared by Jay Clark, V.P. Sirius Satellite Radio, October 2nd, 2006.

It was my good fortune to purchase the first Dolphin 46 built specifically for The United States (Hull #4). You can imagine my fear, giving dollars to a relatively unknown builder in a South American company. My broker, Phil Berman, walked me through the process and we devised a plan to hold a building slot until I could get to know the owner/operators of Dolphin Marine. I remember signing that document at the Miami Boat show. Phil, along with Junior and his father were on hand. What struck me was what happened right after I signed. Junior’s dad, who does not speak English, said something to Junior. Junior smiled and told me that his dad had asked him to tell me that, “they would build me a boat that we could both be proud of.” After living aboard my Dolphin 46, Rhythm, in New York harbor for two seasons, I can tell you that the Pimentas have more than lived up to that statement.

She is the perfect vessel for me. Rhythm is comfortable to live on with a lot of storage space. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. She also sails. With the lured center-board down half way, I can easily point to 30 degrees and have also seen 18 knots over the GPS on a beam reach with our screacher living up to it’s name, heading into Block Island. We have sailed in great weather and also rough conditions, gusts to 45 knots with heavy chop, and even here, the yacht was easily handled. Forty-Six Feet is also a good size, as the craft can be single handed and is easily sailed by a couple. Guests come on board and are amazed that they are on a vessel where “everything works”.

Don’t get me wrong,being the first boat to the North East of the United States we saw some growing pains. The most noticeable was when Rhythm’s sliding doors, due to lack of humidity in the NY winter, warped. I talked to Phil and Junior and soon new sliding doors were delivered to the marina. More importantly, Dolphin Yachts changed their construction techniques to assure that this problem would never happen on future Dolphins.

The ship yard is now up to Hull 22, and I have been able to watch as they have improved the brand. U.S. Electric, Propane storage, larger aft cabins, the aforementioned woodwork. The thing I really like about this company is their willingness and desire to put out a superior product. Phil and Junior listen to their owners, take suggestions, and never complain, or for that matter look back.

I am very happy that I signed that piece of paper at the Miami Boat Show, these are stand up people, who make a stand up product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.

Captain Jay Clark, V.P. Sirius Satellite Radio

Jay Clark
Dolphin 460