September 7, 2017

Thank you for everything you and your wonderful staff did to help me find and purchase a catamaran. Words cannot express my extreme pleasure of dealing with great folks such as ya’all (I am from Tennessee remember…).

Just about all advertisements you see on TV, in the newspaper, or on the Internet, for whatever product you can think of claim their company will outperform others when it comes to servicing their customer. I am here to tell you that you and your staff really and truly go beyond the call of duty in every facet of purchasing a catamaran. You and your staff deserve some kind of an award for everything you did in order to make my dreams come true. Granted, waiting until I was 54 to purchase my first boat did not help matters. I needed advice, handholding, more advice, and yet still more handholding. I was clueless about marine financing, insurance, flagging, and import/ documentation rules. I thought it was like purchasing a house. Not so. I can honestly say that without your help, guidance, hand holding, daily calls, and e-mails, I would not be a boat owner today.

Marilynn and Dionne were invaluable in assisting me in all kinds of tasks. They are really special. I wish to extend a very special “Thank You” to Dionne for handling the documentation and import process. For without her diligence it would not have happened on time, if at all. If any of my family or friends become interested in a purchasing a boat, I would not hesitate in recommending 5 Oceans Marine Group. I feel you all are more like friends than business associates, truly!!

Thank you, Happy New Year and let me know when you want to go sailing, I have two guest cabins…. but you knew that.

Carter J. Mills, Kentucky
New owner of 2003 Lagoon 410 S2, “Sea Jay”

Carter J. Mills
Lagoon 410 S2